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Unearthed: Luftwaffe ‘Destroyer’ Me110 in 1/32 scale   Leave a comment

1/32 ME110 Destroyer model by Travis GetzThis model was done in the late 1990s.  The photo shows a temporary base (final base was made from one of those plastic banana holders).  I installed motors behind the props, navigation lights, instrument lights, fully detailed interior with pilots, and a sound module in the base that (still, after all these years) plays various aircraft diving and firing sounds.  Markings are my own design.  Weathering was really fun on this big kit.  The model was originally a night fighter variant, but I didn’t want to have the hassle of dealing with those delicate antennae on the nose, so I left them off.  When I moved from Florida back to North Carolina the model got overheated on it’s base and the wings drooped a bit – going from being slightly up-angled to being horizontal.  Bit of a disappointment for sure, but I figure when a plastic model’s nearly 15  years old and ‘mildly drooping wings’ are the biggest problem, you’re doing OK.


Posted 2010/11/15 by 8arms in Aviation, Unearthed, WWII