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Painting: Outdoor Photo   2 comments

Getz sea rocks painting outside 01Here’s an outdoor pic of the painting that – because it didn’t require a flash – allows for more detail in the pic.  Click on the image at left, you’ll get a larger one that you should – if you click on it – be able to really zoom in on.  You can see all the brush strokes and etc.  The coloring is pretty good, but not 100% what it is in real life…


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Painting: First in about 15 years…   4 comments

Here’s my first attempt at doing a landscape (well sea scape).  In the interest of full disclosure, I referenced an example from a Walter Foster instructional book my Grandmother left me called ‘The Sea in Action’.  I picked it because it reminds me of some coastline we visited in Portugal.

I added the gulls and, of course, a small fighter plane!  It’s either an F-22 or a Mustang…

It’s a present for my wife.  Her birthday’s not until Feb 1, but I was so excited I couldn’t stand it and gave it to her the next morning after I painted it.  She loved it.

Lots of fun – I forced myself to knock it out in a few hours one evening, which is a big step for me since I usually like to be so meticulous and detailed about everything.  ‘Loose’ is not a word often used to describe my style!

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Unearthed – Tolkein’s Dragon Smaug   Leave a comment

Smaug destroys Lake Town.  From the Hobbit.  Smaug Destroys Lake TownFrom an 8th grade English project.  I think I was 13.  Somehow I managed to work an illustration into a writing assignment.  Can’t remember if it helped improve my grade or not.

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