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Painting: First in about 15 years…   4 comments

Here’s my first attempt at doing a landscape (well sea scape).  In the interest of full disclosure, I referenced an example from a Walter Foster instructional book my Grandmother left me called ‘The Sea in Action’.  I picked it because it reminds me of some coastline we visited in Portugal.

I added the gulls and, of course, a small fighter plane!  It’s either an F-22 or a Mustang…

It’s a present for my wife.  Her birthday’s not until Feb 1, but I was so excited I couldn’t stand it and gave it to her the next morning after I painted it.  She loved it.

Lots of fun – I forced myself to knock it out in a few hours one evening, which is a big step for me since I usually like to be so meticulous and detailed about everything.  ‘Loose’ is not a word often used to describe my style!


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Diorama: Part 2 – Night time (same island)   Leave a comment

That diorama unveiled a couple of days ago has night lighting too thanks to light emitting diodes and fiber optic strands.  Yes, that is the Big and Little Dippers in the sky (bright star is Polaris).  Now I know that in the Southern Hemisphere, you’d be seeing the Southern Cross – but I wanted a constellation in my miniature sky that the kids could look outside and see for real (Sometimes I have to relax the ‘authenticity rules’ on personal projects).  Apologies for the blurry/grainy effect on the shots – hard to take good pics with such low light…

Diorama: Part 1 – Daytime on the Tropical Island   Leave a comment

Here’s that diorama I gave the preview of a while ago.  A tropical island scene built into a bookshelf.  The ship was my first wooden model, after 31 years of building and scratch building plastic kits, and it was the hardest one to date!  So, I wanted to make a worthwhile case for it.  Details abound, look for gulls on the shore, bird poop on the rocks in the background and palm trees with trunks of wire and glue-soaked tissue paper, painted brown and topped with some kit-supplied’ leaves.  The rocks are from sample collected over the years during trips to the beach with the kids…  Speaking of kids, I put a dog, cat and bunny in there that I reposition occasionally to constantly keep them on the ‘search’.

Diorama: Teaser preview image   Leave a comment

Check back for more images...

Here’s a preview of a nearly completed project.  I’ll post more photos after I can lay my hands on that camera…