Unearthed – Tolkein’s Dragon Smaug   Leave a comment

Smaug destroys Lake Town.  From the Hobbit.  Smaug Destroys Lake TownFrom an 8th grade English project.  I think I was 13.  Somehow I managed to work an illustration into a writing assignment.  Can’t remember if it helped improve my grade or not.

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Diorama: Part 1 – Daytime on the Tropical Island   Leave a comment

Here’s that diorama I gave the preview of a while ago.  A tropical island scene built into a bookshelf.  The ship was my first wooden model, after 31 years of building and scratch building plastic kits, and it was the hardest one to date!  So, I wanted to make a worthwhile case for it.  Details abound, look for gulls on the shore, bird poop on the rocks in the background and palm trees with trunks of wire and glue-soaked tissue paper, painted brown and topped with some kit-supplied’ leaves.  The rocks are from sample collected over the years during trips to the beach with the kids…  Speaking of kids, I put a dog, cat and bunny in there that I reposition occasionally to constantly keep them on the ‘search’.

Unearthed: Old X-Wing model   Leave a comment

Here’s a couple of shots of an X-Wing model I did way back in the 1980s.  What a great kit back then.  Used paint instead of decals, put the weathering on with a series of washes…

Diorama: Teaser preview image   Leave a comment

Check back for more images...

Here’s a preview of a nearly completed project.  I’ll post more photos after I can lay my hands on that camera…