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Unearthed: Lil’ Bitty Snow Speeders   Leave a comment

Snowspeeder models - really smallHere’s a trio of snow speeders I painted around 15 years ago in 1995.  I believe these came with some AMT/MPC Imperial AT-AT kits I had.


Diorama: Part 2 – Night time (same island)   Leave a comment

That diorama unveiled a couple of days ago has night lighting too thanks to light emitting diodes and fiber optic strands.  Yes, that is the Big and Little Dippers in the sky (bright star is Polaris).  Now I know that in the Southern Hemisphere, you’d be seeing the Southern Cross – but I wanted a constellation in my miniature sky that the kids could look outside and see for real (Sometimes I have to relax the ‘authenticity rules’ on personal projects).  Apologies for the blurry/grainy effect on the shots – hard to take good pics with such low light…

Unearthed – Tolkein’s Dragon Smaug   Leave a comment

Smaug destroys Lake Town.  From the Hobbit.  Smaug Destroys Lake TownFrom an 8th grade English project.  I think I was 13.  Somehow I managed to work an illustration into a writing assignment.  Can’t remember if it helped improve my grade or not.

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